Population Health Solution

Population Health Management is widely accepted as the most effective approach to improving healthcare outcomes among diverse groups of people while keeping costs under control. To achieve this, decisions must be made using hard data sets available to any healthcare organization from a variety of sources. The old 80-20 Rule applies to Healthcare as well, that is, 20% of the population accounts for 80% of personal healthcare expenditure! The statistics become even more interesting if we drill down further. 50% of the spend is due to the top 5% of the patients and more than 20% of expenses are for the top 1% of patients!

That means if hospitals prioritize and focus on the riskiest segment of their patient population, expenditures can be controlled. AXIA’s Actionable Intelligence enabled Population Health module, AXIA-PH, gives healthcare providers meaningful information for maximum decision-making impact. Filtering from a number of technology resources, patient data is stored and aggregated and analyzed as a group, leading to informed clinical and financial decisions.

Population Health Management Solutions

Program Health Monitor

Based on Attributed Lives, Program Targets and Costs, our actionable dashboards provide you a 360° view of all the programs you are engaged in, their status towards goals, and relative financial impact on your organization. Whether you are engaged in a pure pay-for-quality bonus program or an ACO style program with quality and cost reduction targets, we can provide the intelligence that quickly gives you a sense of how the program is doing overall and which areas to focus on for improvement.

Risk Stratification

While you take on the risk of bundled payments, AXIA-PH allows you to deep dive and find out where every dollar you spend is going. It helps you to segment costs by service line, provider, department and location of service. These can be further customized based on your specific requirements. AXIA-PH also has risk stratification for early identification of high-risk and rising-risk patients, based on Health Status, Chronic Disease and Risk Scores. We apply machine learning to drive predictive analytics targeted towards adverse outcomes such as readmissions.


Quality Tracker

AXIA-PH provides scorecards of your organization’s Quality Measures based on the most recent CMS guidelines or State requirements. We base our analysis on both claims-based and clinical data (if available), and can interface with external data sources such as other EMRs, payer data, HIEs and public registries. These measures can also be segmented and stratified by provider, location, or key points in the workflow to provide you with a comprehensive view of how well your organization is performing.