Healthcare is changing - Value-based Care is fast becoming the norm with the focus changing to Quality rather than Quantity. And the patient is right at the center of this change. It is not about each episode of care that the patient receives but about ultimate outcomes – how the patient feels in the long run. Providers must adapt to these changes by supporting a mix of fee-for-service and complex payment models - all while providing the best possible care and learning to engage with the patients in new ways. It also means that unless the Providers tighten their belts and improve the effectiveness of the billing and collection processes, the results can be disastrous.

But how do we even know what works unless we measure the results and track them over time? For true quantitative measurements and analysis, we need data – all data points starting from patient demographics and clinical information to financial statistics. But, while data is abundant in Healthcare, lack of interoperability has denied the proper use of these data sets that have the potential to reap the best possible outcomes – both for the patient and the provider.

Welcome to the World of AXIA – A Data-Driven Solution from Data-Core Healthcare.

AXIA in Greek means VALUE - and that is exactly what we offer to you!

  • A mobile Patient Engagement Solution that is valuable to both you and your patients
  • Core and Specialized Revenue Cycle Services that add value to your bottom line
  • A suite of Analytical tools that extract and predict valuable trends and KPIs