What we offer

Healthcare is changing - Value-based Care is fast becoming the norm with the focus changing to Quality rather than Quantity. And the patient is right at the center of this change. It is not about each episode of care that the patient receives but about ultimate outcomes – how the patient feels in the long run. Providers must adapt to these changes by supporting a mix of fee-for-service and complex payment models - all while providing the best possible care and learning to engage with the patients in new ways. It also means that unless the Providers tighten their belts and improve the effectiveness of the
billing and collection processes, the results can be disastrous.

The Advantage

A Data-Driven Healthcare Solution

Healthcare Providers are challenged every minute in saving lives and ensuring better health for all. Our goal is to take any unnecessary burden off their shoulders so that they can focus on what they do best. We take pride in being a Transformation Agent – helping you transform into a truly Value-based Healthcare Organization.

AXIA is offered on a Cloud-based SaaS model, allowing small and mid-size Hospitals to reap the same benefits as a much larger Health System, without any Capital Expenditure or maintenance support.

Triple Aim of Healthcare

Our Solution is geared toward achieving the Triple Aim of Healthcare through Actionable Intelligence, which is derived from your organization’s data sets:


What makes us unique is that our offerings are fully Customizable – to your processes, workflows and specific needs. Not only can you choose the solutions and services that provide you the most value, you can also tailor any aspect of AXIA, making the transition process seamless for your organization. And we help you every step of the way.

Why Data-Core

Data-Core has been in Philadelphia for over 30 Years, providing information technology and business process services to Clients all over the US. We combine cutting-edge technology, years of industry experience, and global offices to meet your organizational needs. The result is a complete suite of solutions and services for healthcare systems, hospitals and physician organizations.

In our Healthcare Practice, we have made it our mission to face the challenges in Healthcare “head-on”, to arrive at a Solution that allows Healthcare organizations to remain effective and agile in the midst of a chaotic landscape. Our Solution hinges on the three pillars of People, Process, and Technology.

AXIA. Enabling Value in healthcare.