The new AI powered chatbot – ChatGPT has taken the world by storm with its text generating abilities. It can assist in a range of tasks such as writing reports, drafting letters and essays, and aiding in other processes. Utilizing ChatGPT can benefit multiple industries including organizations in the healthcare sector. According to a ChatGPT survey sent to healthcare workers, conducted by National Library of Medicine, 18.4% had used ChatGPT for healthcare purposes, while 84.1% of non-users expressed interest in utilizing AI Chatbots in the future [1]. Not only will ChatGPT be useful in various tasks in the healthcare space, but it will also provide benefits in other industries. Please read below to learn more about how ChatGPT’s technology can enhance the RCM process. 

ChatGPT Can Streamline Patient Communication 

It is essential that healthcare providers communicate with their patients to ensure they receive the proper care and that payments are on time. Since this can be a time-consuming process, ChatGPT can assist by sending notifications to patients and reminding them of upcoming payments that are due soon [3]. ChatGPT can also draft messages highlighting patients’ financial responsibilities or other notes, which can save a physician time for attending to clinical notes. 

ChatGPT Can Automate Follow-Ups  

A big part of Revenue Cycle Management consists of claims submission, data entry, and insurance verification. There are many instances when a physician or medical facility needs to follow-up with a patient. This can be tedious, which is why ChatGPT can improve the process by sending automated discharge summaries to the patient along with automated scheduled appointments. Additionally, ChatGPT can assist in claims processing by extracting and categorizing information [4]. Utilizing ChatGPT can save time on manual data entry and improve accuracy and efficiency related to these functions.   

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ChatGPT Can Draft Appeal Letters 

ChatGPT can act as a virtual assistant and can draft appeal letters and create personalized messages to patients [2]. Drafting professional appeal letters to respond to denied claims can help increase the chance of a successful reimbursement. These functions are made possible because ChatGPT leverages AI and NLP capabilities such as generating human-like text.  

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ChatGPT demonstrates how AI can revolutionize the revenue cycle management and medical billing process. It can draft letters, streamline patient communication, automate follow-ups, and assist in claims processing. Utilizing AI solutions such as ChatGPT can lead to improvements in Revenue Cycle Management and reduced administrative costs. Data-Core Healthcare’s products, EOB-835 converter and Denial Manager, utilize AI/ML technology and aid in improving Revenue Cycle Management. Please click here to request a demo to learn more about our AI-driven tools. 

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