Advanced Claim Capture System – Efficiently processing over 1 million claims annually.
Nimbus helps Medicaid and Medicare payers become more accurate and timely.

Cost-effective Solution for today and tomorrow, in the Cloud or On-Premises

Nimbus is Healthtek advanced web-based medical claim data capture and tracking system. Created with the claims data flow in mind, Nimbus is fully customizable with safeguards against operator errors.

The Nimbus Story

Healthtek developed Nimbus to better serve their in-house claims processing workflow which was experiencing issues with the legacy platforms. Licensing and upgrade options were expensive and came with narrow feature options. Nimbus, with its considerably lower costs and flexible feature customizations, became their chosen in-house data capture system. Nimbus was then offered to Healthtek clients, who were delighted with the new platform.

When we created Nimbus, we focused on building a system that enhanced user experience, made use of automation tools and improved overall data capture efficiency. We added features such as automated scripts to ease repetitive tasks and worked to ensure seamless workflow and faster processing.

Nimbus can work stand-alone or integrated with other systems in use at your facility.


  • Cloud-based or self-hosted
  • Handles any claim type
    • CMS-1500, UB-04
    • Transportation, Home-health, Dental
    • State-specific claims
    • and many more
  • Claims can be
    • Single or multi page
    • Black and white or red dropout
    • With or without attachments
    • Paper or image (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc.)
  • User friendly interface
  • Security by varying levels of user access
  • Customizable workflow, output format and reports
  • Robust Tracking system
  • Secure remote access and multi-site capability
  • Advanced Analytics


  • Affordable licensing fees
  • Eases job of operators
  • 24/5 server and application support, plus training
  • Product upgrades with no down time
  • Highly rated by users
  • Works with legacy systems

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